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Behold, a design of benign truth hidden deep within the realms of the underground – Yes, this is the REAL stuff they don't want you to know about. Prohibited by churches, banned from bookstores … the EXACT SAME INFORMATION that has been exclusively passed down in secret to the select few, royal bloodlines, ancient priesthoods and saints of biblical proportion … and …it's all here!


This design + hoody = mine!


excellent and creatively playful as always

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I love when mysteries are finally solved and scientists are thrown into the guillotine pits as the frauds they all are! lol. GREAT idea and perfect execution for this idea....i'd wouldn't mind seeing one of these designs on the back, but a 5$ is not to be escaped!




i was about to give it a one or two, then i actually looked at the design, now i say4. very cool.


now i feel kinda bad for shaking the flashlight when it doesn't work

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

I totally love this, what a fab idea and a great design! It's just so much fun plus it looks wicked on the grey hoody. $5


Is that Lady Godiva on the unicorn?! I like this a lot.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

It was a brave move to expose the truth like this. Powerful people may try to silence you, but hopefully they will be blinded by the greatness of this design, and be put off the trail. Also, please sell me a wizard-powered flashlight - I'm tired of looking for batteries for mine.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

badically tubular


i wouldmake the battery haveing little lightning bolts coming out of it and the lighter have smaller semi circles... but thats just me. loveit btw


I think it's a bit too cluttered. I love the Dragon one, though, and would like that on a t-shirt on its own...


I like it but I wish it was in more of a context, like a desk top with lamp, speakers, calculator and computer screen with the "secrets" revealed inside them.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

really creative idea....the contrast between greys and colors is nice, but the actual greys could use a bit more contrast among themselves, in my opinion. $4 (ive given like 2 of these ever)

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