Apple Theory

Design by kooky love

Apple Theory by kooky love on Threadless
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kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist
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Special appearance adam antium as a model for this design. Thanks, Ricco! Lets hope it gets printed! Enjoy it, guys!

Trimm Trabb

omg yes! It's cute, the colours are great... $5


great drawing 5$


Very well done. Please take a look at my art and leave a comment.Tks..,designs

Luke... a juice-box tree...haha

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love the apple idea,,wonderful! $5

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great work!!!love it....

Flying Mouse

YES, I like this one! $5


this is so great! $5

adam antium

5 to the design, 0 to the model. :)


That's a nice one...

..I mean design, not model.. :P :)



juice box tree?!! that's heaven!

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This is GREAT mate! Very Interesting Illus! 5$! =)


Really enjoyed looking at this and all the elements and nice colours. Kudos to you kooky love.


Great concept and style. I like that bouncing juice box and the little dude. 5 all the way.


Dotted strokes look so awesome with a design that is mostly just fills. I like this lots. I'd like it lots more if the brown on the apple weren't so stark, it makes the apple look like its gone rotten instead of shadowed.


nice! great job!

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i love the design, but don't know why you put the seed flag in the juice box tree. Other than that, a 4$ all the way ansd great work as usual kook!

kooky love
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thanks a lot guys! i'm so glad you like it.

FRICKINAWESOME, i'm just to try relating this design with Seed. I imagine if this design win the contest, people who see this design on tee will search the word of Seed by google. just that. but other than that it can be change with anoother words, example: Apple, Frickin, Awesome, apple juice, etc.
thanks Frick, for your question. :)

Monkey III

Dotted line and the juiceboxes are great. But adamantium under attack by ufo's and zombies!!!!! o_O


Oh, I like this.


ah! very nice idea!


great concept and execution, love the details of the tree.

kooky love
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thanks all for the supports!

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