Apple a day keeps the rent away

Design by Noh_Body

Apple a day keeps the rent away by Noh_Body on Threadless
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I imagine this is what apple look like to worms, maybe.
A big thank you to randy for putting up with me!


i like the concept, but it looks so flat, maybe if you tried giving a curve to the house outline, it would look more like an actual apple. otherwise it is great! i love the textures!

Bio-bot 9000

I like this.

Worms (actually larval insects) often live in apples. Thus it is their home.


cute ;D

B 7

great!! $


nice !!


It just wants a home....

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The worm needs a tad bit of work to match the polish of the apple, but super idea and way to wring something original out of this tried and true concept!

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