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usually clowns are scary, but this one is just too funny to be scary! i really like it. the only suggestion i have is to maybe make the edges where the opening is look ripped or torn instead of the smooth lines that are there now.



eiiiiiiii! am frightened


herky profile pic Alumni

Outstanding job. I dig the flower reference for his pee hole. $5

Sean F.

A Clown Goatse?

.onion profile pic Alumni

clownas are creepy, but this is cute :]


Really like this one! Somehow, I like it with the smooth sides... ripped edges wouldn't be in keeping with the curves & calm nature that the design has. The shirt color also lends itself to this effect! If you do decide to toy around w/ the "torn apart" idea, maybe do it kinda like a cartoon balloon "BANG!" "KAPOW!"style, with the sharp angles softened by more curves. $5

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