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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I think it would look great if you didn't have the shadow of the anteater, just the maze... that would be far more intriguing. nice idea.

rrich76 profile pic Artist

This could be done with or without the shape of the anteater behind the maze. I will put a picture of it without on my profile, along with the other color options I have there. If you see the maze alone and like it more, please say so


i like robsoul's idea. this is pretty cool anyways, though.


I love this shirt, I like the colors and the outline. I really hope this gets printed, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Very creative .


its way to easy to solve.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Ok, I like where it's going so far. I agree that I think it would work better without the furry tail. Also, instead of just having the anteater and the ants, how about if you have an ant colony that the anteater is invading. Perhaps have his tongue going into an ant hill or something? I'm really impressed by the maze itself; I suck at drawing those things. Also, the tongue is just a bit too long for my liking. I don't know anteater anatomy that well, but it seems just a tad excessive (I do know they have long tongues, however). Nice job.


I like the other color options in your profile better than the one above. The colors would look better if the shadow wasn't there. I also really like the design better without the shadow/outline of the anteater. If you do decide to keep the outline, I say loose the little hair around the tail or add a little all around the outline. Overall its a good idea and i gave it a 4$.



Would make my comment short n sweet, so...

Good combo choice, green and maroon. If you wish, have it in a maroon shirt and green anteater for a fall look. Everything looks great. And finally...make the tail curve underneath. That's all. Good luck on your sub!

Frank Vice

this is a really clever design... maybe make the end something special


maybe instead of a maze it could be an ant farm but i dont see the appeal of it on a shirt placement seems a little wierd, lots of "why do you have a picture of an ant eater on your shirt" comments


the ants don't get a prize for winning? Are we to believe it is just their destiny to get to his stomach? Blasphemy!

rrich76 profile pic Artist

......maybe his stomache juices are an ant drug, or aphrodisiac even. better yet, the ants get a sense of accomplishment for solving the maze which outweighs the agony of being slowly digested. yeah.


overall i like the design. the eye movement in is great. i think it has a cool, cleanly executed concept. i would like to see some ants inside the maze. i think the colors work well, that shirt color is not used too often. i would also like to maybe see some ants crawling around the shirt randomly just a few.
i know its short, but over all i think its a sucsessful design that doesnt need to be nit picked. best of luck. i cant wait to see your next work!


Haha, great concept! I would draw in on more ant near the head as an "eye". It would also connect the image as a whole together to have a(n) ant(s) in movement through the maze. good work!!

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