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:) amazing.. 5$


call it Mein toast, earn a $5

bananaphone profile pic Artist

let's say that is its spiritual name but too many people got upset.

slaterock profile pic Alumni

Now this... I love. I guess if anything, you've got a unique style, and there' s nothing wrong with that. This might be my fav sub from you yet.


concentration camp = toaster.

soooooo horrible.

i love it.


andyg profile pic Alumni

Wow! That's so tasteless. 0

andyg profile pic Alumni

Actually, it's probably one of the most offensive things I've ever seen... and it takes a lot to offend me. If I were you, I wouldn't be proud of creating an image like this. There's nothing funny about the Holocaust.


It's just......0


are they crawling out of a bag labeled "jewish rye"? no.
are they bagels? no.
are they wearing little yellow stars? no.
are their arms tattooed with little numbers? no.
are they being Forced into the toaster by a "superior" sliced bread? no.

this doesn't scream Jewish Holocaust.
are there parallels - sure - but it's a bit of a stretch.

did bananaphone succeed in getting a rise out of you? Yes.

i agree with Salsa Shark - it's just toast - doing what toast does - getting toasted.


Seeing this made me feel like my insides were rotting... for a "food with faces" shirt, that's pretty impressive.


The hand...coming out...of the toaster...


It just got me there...oh and I honestly wouldnt have thought Holocaust if people hadnt given it away...honestly...I just thought it was bread being scared of getting toasted.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I guess I should post my retort. Most of you that claim that this is OH SO WRONG and offensive are the narrow minded idiots you are claiming I am.

Not only has instances of ethic cleansing been around BEFORE the holocaust but also AFTER. Yet to narrow it down to one specific event in the attempt to make a certain group of people look like victims.

There has been ethnic cleansing in almost every country where 2 different groups have converged. Even here in sunny Australia - Aboriginals were disgustingly hunted for sports and almost wiped out.

To say that this is too much to laugh about, or something that we can't wear, is like telling people they aren't allowed to have a sense of humour when faced with obscurity.

I'll bet there were Jews, Aboriginals, American Indians and all sorts of people that used humour as a way to deal with their impending fate. Would you have run upto them and said "hey guys, this isn't an appropriate time for that"?

Get a life people.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

And for the record, I know more about the holocaust, and what happened - and history in general, than half of you idiots that claim this is offensive.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

you raise a valid point.


My thoughts about this design were
toward the misguided advancements
doctors, scientists, and psychologists
applied to people that resulted in
them being worse than before.

Examples : blood letting & lobotomies

Even many of today's medications have
potential side effects much worse than
the symptom being treated.

We who are "reading " a message from
this design ( me included ) are simply
taking our own thoughts and projecting
them on the design. It's just a line of
sliced bread getting ready to be toasted.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I didn't realise that mein toast was a famous saying from the holocaust, and it is called "Another toast tshirt"


people here worry too much about other people possibly being offended. Take care of yourselves, dammit.


I love how everyone's saying ,"I don't get offended easily." Well guess what ... you do. This is what's called satire. "Food with faces" is an incredibly popular meme at the moment and BP is mocking it. You want anthropomorphized food, but there are good and bad aspects of human nature.

There is nothing so serious in this world that you should not be able to laugh at its expense from time to time. I was an unexpected, unwanted child, but I can find "Plan B" funny. My mother and I almost died in a car wreck, but "CTRL+Z" is still hilarious. Don't take yourselves so seriously. Everyone thought the Muslims were out of line for being offended when those cartoons came out. People mock Christianity all the time and expect no one to mind much. This is the same sort of thing.


you know I wasn't gonna say anything, but then I thought about it, and its kind of like this..

When people think of Genocide, first thought is Holocaust. This seems like a representation of a genocide action.. bunch of bread walking to a toaster, crying upset, then we see them toasted.

Funny, sure.. Bread and toast dont have any feelings, and while there is little or no connection to Nazi/Holocaust type of imagery, it is still indicative of Genocide. So a bunch of pieces of bread (with facial features and feelings) walking towards a toaster becomes the signifier for a line of people walking to the gas chamber...

NOW, its just BREAD doing what it does.. GETS toasted... someone mentioned that earlier, which is what drove me to write this dribble. Put a face and an emotion on toast, and all of a sudden, it becomes personal.

Personally, the thing that freaks me out about this design, is that a few of the bread pieces have hats, and suitcases.. whats up with that? they go to work?

bananaphone profile pic Artist

who said what happened during the holocaust isn't a shocking disgusting thing? This is a design with toast on it, not jews.

"why don't you use your talent and knowledge and make a shirt that brings people's attention to this modern-day genocide that's being swept under the rug? "

My design just did that, didn't it? But I guess you'd rather this design swept under that so called rug because it isn't politically correct.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

No, the idea was bought up that I should design something to create awareness of something that a person assumed this design was about.

I then went on to say that obviously this design had already created awareness.

If you are going to try and prove me wrong or right, do it properly. Just because you put a bunch of poorly expressed and paragraphed words together - does not make it a compelling statement.

And you are going to narrow the style of suitcases, hats and glasses to the 1930s?

Come on! It's generic briefcase, it's a generic hat, and it's generic glasses. All 3 of which could be easily bought from a shop today regardless of which time period they may have originated from.

And I have no lack of respect for the dead at all, but if i died I wouldn't mind if people had a laugh about it (and im sure ill get someone saying they'll indulge me)

I don't see you in a rush to shut down the darwin awards because it isn't respectful!


Am I the only one who thinks the
toast is still alive since its
salivary glands still work?

bananaphone profile pic Artist

"you says it has created awareness, but of what if not the holocaust?"

"the genocide in Darfur right now"

Yep, without this design noone would have bought it up.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

And if you don't make a point there is nothing for me to address. I am the designer, I don't NEED to make a point about anything. But you are throwing accusations around - so they may as well at least be good ones.

.onion profile pic Alumni

wow, i didn't realize the holocaust viewpoint until i read some of the comments, but if that's truly how the design is supposed to be interpreted, then shame. it's nothing to poke fun at.

but it's just toast behind lined up to die, then haha. bad illustration nonetheless.


do the toast guys without the arms and legs,
they would look better and more toastlike

simplicity is better on a shirt


and what a drama of 1 design for a shirt,
it isn't even printed yet,
it's a shame i have to say something about this now =S
it's just a design,
and it's not even printed yet,
the shirt is not the drama,
YOU ARE if you make a drama out of something like this.

there are a whole lot worse things on this planet ppl.
and they aint digital.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Maybe if you people didn't promote lame food with faces cliches I wouldn't be forced to have them killed in a barbaric toast lineup =P

bananaphone profile pic Artist

you thought of that, not me =)

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

hahaha, it's a food with faces holocaust!
you've outdone yourself, man.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Maybe they would rather die a toasty death than be hideously deformed pieces of bread that have arms and legs and faces? so helpless a situation...

bananaphone profile pic Artist


OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

"because satire presents a commonplace image in an unusual light to imply its wrongness"

Rudra, the shirt is using holocaust imagery to imply the wrongness of designs featuring food with faces, not the other way around.


first impression: Holocaust.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

At the end of the day all I have done is given the toast generic human (and pacman) traits, and lined them up for a toaster as happens in thousands of homes every single morning.

Has this become some kind of official rule now? You can give toast faces, but don't you dare give them a suitcase, a hat or glasses!

And olli rudi is correct.


ok. I wasn't the only one who thought of the holocaust. but it doesn't necesarily mean that it's a bad thing. I like it.


its crazy how many people freak out, before i even read any of the comments, i noticed that after they were toasted they dudnt have "x" for eyes, much like many cartoons.

i thought it was some drug refrence at first anyways, all the people are inline to get high or "toasted"....whatever

seriously take a minute to relax....have fun

spires profile pic Alumni

I wouldn't wear this, but great job inciting this kind of commentary!


interesting design, im all for your right to create and display any image you see fit

however, i almost started crying when i saw it. maybe this event has no significance to you, but to millions of people all over the world (mostly far away from you down under) it has had a profound effect that you will never know or understand

bananaphone profile pic Artist

"interesting design, im all for your right to create and display any image you see fit

however, i almost started crying when i saw it. maybe this event has no significance to you, but to millions of people all over the world (mostly far away from you down under) it has had a profound effect that you will never know or understand"

Hey umm how about you get fucked. Not because you offend me, but because you are mind numbingly IGNORANT.

You don't think Australians fought and died in world war 2 just as readily as anyone else? Get real, I probably know more about what happened and have more humility about it than you'll ever learn in your wanky american textbooks!


I LOVE THIS. mainly because its toast. and they're toast.

i didnt think about the holocaust at first, but then i did...

but i still think its a great design, poor toast :(


You are brilliant, sir!

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

I think the point is - No matter what is happening in the illustration - even if it IS about a horrible event in history - most of you STILL like it because it has food with faces.

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