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Design by mildish

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Aack! Two "of"s! Fix the typo, please :)


Hey mildish, remember that time when I swam to Liechtenstein and jumped all of those buildings with a spork? You do? Stalker.

...snickers I like the first one too...

and for the record, Liechtenstein is a landlocked country. ;)


hey threadless, remember that time when i logged in to and gave zeros to all of those designs with a bad color choice? you do? stalker.


Hey mildish remember that time when I saw this freakin' awesome shirt you made and gave it a 5 to all of those crazy shirts with a great variety of delicious colors? you do? stalker.

5. :]]


This one works better than the first shirt! Good job coming up with a new sentence...and I am still loving the colors!


Make it smaller and ditch the second "of".......then it's a 5 + buy.

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