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bsweber profile pic Artist

I think maybe anorexia actually killed the dinos. Or maybe it was the paparazzi.


Should say it on the shirt


Holy crap! Paris Hilton/one of the Olsen twins in Dino form!

bsweber profile pic Artist

i had text on it originally, but then thought that it might be criticized so i got rid of it. haha, oh well.

Johnny Baboon
Johnny Baboon profile pic Alumni

won't anosaurusrex be a better name? Good design none the less.


This is the third T-rex related sub in a row I've scored. Weird?

bsweber profile pic Artist

Sorry to anyone this shirt offended. Honestly it wasn't meant to be shocking or offensive in any way. Its only a parody of the rich, famous, and powerful people I'm constantly seeing on my tv set that just look ridiculous. Thats the reason I used a dino for the subject--a creature that is supposed to be strong and powerful, but one that has reduced itself to something sickly.......


i like it.


i like it, don't think text is necessary...if you did wish to add a "quicker read" to the viewer, change the cell phone to a diet coke and the concept would be perfect and need no further explanation...

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