angry burger

Design by ekaj47

angry burger by ekaj47 on Threadless
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Raaaar !

Hot dogs never have a chance
against the king of burgers !

I have yet to find anything that can
break a pickle sheild. I think there's
a vibranium / adamantium / pickle
juice alloy thing going on.

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

elsswhere - got eat it you rat bastard


this is kinda creepy, kinda cool.


did anyone else think the hot dog on the ground (in the thumbnail) was a used tampon at first?


^ nope

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

Flying Gerbil King - thanks i guess - i dont normally comment that much on my stuff and let people say whatever they want about the design - thats the whole point of this site and it s fun to see what people say - but when the people telling me i'm wrong and this is why or its just a burger have A) never submitted a design B) never done any separations of their own C) just repeating what others have said because following is easy - they are wrong and i have no problem letting them know that - plain and simple - and if a voter wants to talk some trash i have no problem doing the same to them -

when i comment on designs - i dont comment on the ones i dont like and i dont tell the person who submitted it why i hate it - when i comment on a design i let a person know i like it or what i like about it - no point in being an ass to someone for no reason unless they've been an ass to you first




Frog with its intestines hanging out and abig white collar.

Gringz profile pic Alumni

crazy haha

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

webdreck - your like the sad little puppy we brought home from the pound that wont stop shitting on my couch - eat it

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

webdreck - go find some other hobby/website/person to annoy - this is really getting old and pathetic - and your still shitting on my couch

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