angels dont play this harp

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everyone who is a fan of the jews harp raise your hand

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oh man this one is gonna get creamed - oh well,
just please don't accuse me of racism. I love Jews, harps and especially the Jews Harp.


That instrument always reminds me of snoopy.


And it's really the title that might get you into trouble more than the design.

ISABOA profile pic Artist

your prolly right ^ but I meant that jews harp players were badasses.


Oy vey this is a picture of my uncle Moishe


the beard is like neopolitan ice cream. i like this.

ISABOA profile pic Artist

i went continental with ze beard - thanks chelly


would love to see the Jew actually playin' it and
a crowd of Jews doin' some cool dance moves to
the music :)

please resubmit !


i'd make the mouth harp smaller

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

To make the man more obviously jewish, you should re-submit this with a brooklyn style rabbi, who wears a yarmikah as well but has the peyas (the little dangly, curly pieces of hair that fall around the sideburns) that everyone can recognize as jewish. Or just add this guy eating a bagel. I say these things as a proud member of the Jewish race! RAWR!!! Hear us roar!!! Or at least kvetch a lot. Still dig the idea tho. For more jews harp than you can handle, check out the soundtracks for U-Turn and Ravenous. Peace ISA.


its wonderfull and i love it,
but im jewish myself and never heard of this thing ^^'

ISABOA profile pic Artist

great ides FA - and I will check out those soundtracks - cant get enough of that "twang"


My first musical instrument and I never learned to play the darn thing. Still can't figure it out. But this shirt is funny, weird chin crags and all. Awesome weird stuff.

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yeah, well one day you will all come crawling to get your hands on my jewsharp magic - and I will laugh,

ISABOA profile pic Artist

Let this day be a jew's harp day


I actually freaking love this! It is a shame I was not around to vote.

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