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Angel Voice by Karnaf on Threadless
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could you please define artsy? i'm just curious what you mean...i occasionally use the term myself but try to avoid it because it has pretentious connotations to me...i'm just really curious what you or others MEAN if you use the term artsy? do you mean artistic or creative? or is there another meaning? Thanks.


Fun design. ;)


sorry maybe yuck was too strong of a word the other's easy to get in a general negative mood at times when looking at a bunch of designs that pretty much give me the same feeling...that said, i should have simply said i don't care for this at all. my apologies!


NAME, you're exactly right.

As for my own take, it seems the designer has a good concept of how elements should fit together to be visually pleasing. It's just sad that this format is how that talent is being expressed. I have a feeling that he is capable of SO much more than a mashup. I love the way that all the elements point the viewer back into the image, circling back in on itself. Why couldn't this artistry be channeled into something less typical? I mean, yeah, I bought Ta$ty Mix for its use of color, but the mashup theme can't help but feel stale.

When will we see designers abandon comfortable formulas and reach into the abyss for something completely new? I know its out there. And I'll bet Karnaf brings it with his next sub.


Take out the angel to the left.

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