...and then I'll have two

Design by wullagaru

...and then I'll have two by wullagaru on Threadless
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The Butterfly Effect metaphor/theory?

Also, the monkey's hands in the middle are sort of odd, I get that its highlighted cloth but still.


He's gonna chop it in half with the hidden knife and then have 2. It's great! Not rocket science to figure it out.


I like it centered! Very nice, mon ami


Great design as usual!


amazing... 5$


top quality!

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

again... great work, my only comment is: move the older monkeys arms around the younger ones, like resting on their backs in a "teacher" manner. At the moment it took a second to see his hands, looked like a necklace to me. That should also free up all that black space to draw the focus on the butterfly, which was the intention in the first place. Just a suggestion though


I think his hands look good as they are because the lines of his arms lead your eye directly to the butterfly... also, it was immediately clear to me what was happening. I love you color palette and style, and both t placements are fine by me. $4

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great character design 5$


like it on white~ and centered. not sure what their going to do with the butterfly, but it's still a nice design.

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