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And the Joker Got Away.

Design by Rockslide

And the Joker Got Away.


cshimala profile pic Alumni
Holy Sardines... this is rad!
catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni
wonderful, i'd buy the hell out of this
To all the future designers out there : Now that's how to use the opening comment slot to introduce a design. So many designers don't use that opportunity and many use it poorly. to Rockslide : You get a 5 and a $ Buy $ for this amazing design. Perfect shirt color too !
Rockslide profile pic Artist
Flippin' gypsies! I just barely woke up and came to check if my shirt finally got put up and here I find all this hubbub and excitement. You people have made my day, no- I dare say, my entire month, or whats left of it at least. I had a lot of fun with this shirt and I'm glad that the idea is coming through. I showed it to a bunch of friends before I submitted it and half of them were like, "what? I don't get it." And then I started to lose some faith and began to sink in the water and here you people pull me back up! Thanks for all the positive remarks. I've checked out a lot of your profiles and you are all awesome, I have to give a shout out to label cause he made the hungry hippo shirt which I bought and love, thanks man! I submitted a new shirt last Thurs. which should be up soon! Be sure to watch for it, its a fun one too.
the attention to detail is fantastic- forensics could probaly tell if bats had a boner by looking at those footprints. $5 oh and the joker face rules!
Rockslide profile pic Artist
Thanks J-Ray! If I can get the number of comments up to 347 this might have a chance! I just realized that two of those shirt colors look the exact same, when I saved it as a gif it must have cut the colors down and made them the same, one is supposed to be a gray/slate, and the other is more a tan/khaki.
eskimokiss profile pic Alumni
Jingle bells batman smells, Robin flew away. Wonderwoman lost her bosoms flying T.A.A
I think everyone pretty much covered the possible comments. So... 5$
Wow, you've already gotten big praise from two of the Threadless crew...so it's officially just a matter of time ;) I loved it at first glance, but once I put the song and shirt together my head pretty much exploded. Great great work with all of the subtle detail - it's nice to see someone who actually cares about putting effort and detail into their submissions. Just fantaaastic. 5$
Terry Citizen
Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this shirt! Great design concept with wonderful execution! 5$
Finally! A decent submission is in the queue! This shirt is just about perfect in every way, from your post introducing the shirt, to the title, to the composition itself. I cannot wait to buy this shirt. $5
I feel like an idiot asking this, but what's the thing sticking up out of the car? Is it Batman with a knitted hat and mittens, shaking his fists? (That was my original guess, but your description said he's gone to get a new tire, so now I'm really confused.) But I still think it's gorgeous and I'd buy it. Joker in the tree is an amazing touch.
wow, amazing detail! I love the tree! $5
to redsugar : That thing sticking up out of the Batmobile works just like a police car flashing light. Here's a URL showing it lit up http://www.scifiexpo.com/imagegallery/expo/images/batmobile.jpg Here's some more URLs that show : an actual Batmobile and a model so you can see how amazing Rockslide's illustration is http://www.ledtronics.com/pages/applications/img/batcar5.jpg http://www.pixhost.com/pixg/giink/bat1a.jpg two homemade versions of Batmobiles for laughs http://www.noooooooo.com/images/batmobile.JPG http://imagemdodia.no.sapo.pt/batmobile.jpg an incredible concept car of the Batmobile http://zonegratuit.free.fr/Humour/images/cartoon/batmobile.jpg
awesome dude! I love how the background isn't square or circular
Rockslide profile pic Artist
Awesome guys! Thanks again for all the great comments, I appreciate them a ton. I'm really glad to see people getting the idea and design behind this piece. to redsugar: at first I thought you meant the car jack in the front, and I was like "what the flip!?!, batman in a hat and gloves?" then I realized you meant the bat beacon and I laughed my head off. helo was right, and thanks a ton helo for all the ref pics and such. I got my ref from some guy who had like devoted his life to this old batmobile. I think he must have had bed sheets, a singing toothbrush and batmobile moonboots. You people rock! Thanks for everything.
remember me the glennz style. with compliments! awesome design & cool idea of course 5$
Wow! All I can say is wow!
in general i can't stand holiday shirts - but this is just amazing. old school batman, fond memories of ruining school christmas concerts with alternate lyrics, and a beautifully executed design. 5$
wow. the tree thing really sells it. i thought the thing on the widshield was someone holding their fists up. but nah. its still way a 5.
This. Is. Awesome. End of story. Except that,.. and that. And this,.. 5$
Rockslide profile pic Artist
You know what would be awesome? You remember back in the 80's they put little midi file sounding disk things in shirts and socks that would play little songs? That would be cool if they could stick one of those, of jingle bells, into the shirt, like behind the flat tire. Yeah, that would be cool. Okay, maybe not, its late and I was just thinking and reading comments and blogs and trying to think of how to make an even better shirt. A faster shirt, a shirt so technologically advanced that it can make you smarter, better looking, and impervious to radioactive alien saliva. And so I came up with the 80's jingle bell disk thing. I think I'll go to bed now. Maybe I'll make a new shirt tomorrow. Thanks again for all the awesome comments.
I remembered the bat beacon looking more like this: http://tinyurl.com/b6jhs But I think my memory is probably from comic books, because I haven't seen the tv show with Adam West very often. I'm totally fine with it, as is. :o)
ronlewis profile pic Alumni
Holy mommy. I need, I want, I will have this.
Rockslide profile pic Artist
You are such a nerd westy haha. You too Carl. Thanks for the support guys I'll buy you a milkshake after work tomorrow.
well, obviously this is getting made.. this is THE BEST shirt I have seen on this site ever. PLEASE MAKE IT IN THAT DARKER COLOR or GREY, I CAN"T WEAR BABY BLUE!!!! mad props!!!!!!
Err, 3.58 is pretty amazing seeing it's in the top 20 rated tshirts of all time on Threadless! http://www.threadless.com/subs/Completed/Both/
you guys have to check out http://batmobilelostawheel.ytmnd.com/ It's hilarious ! ! !
Just ignore the graffiti on the yellow dumpster at the end of the clip.
A r i e s
looks like the joker got away.
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease REprint this - a perfect gift for the holidays as well
Real want this to be reprinted. Coolest shirt ever!
a year later I am posting in the comments... BRING IT BACK!!!! [please]
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