And That Is How I Lost My Leg

Design by theurbanraptor

And That Is How I Lost My Leg by theurbanraptor on Threadless
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You absolutely rock, Urban.

Threadless, print this guy before I explode. $5


Nice design,but I don't understand what the thing on the left is...another robot?


I love "... And that's how ... " jokes.

Sweet axn.


Very very very cool.

I love the frantic look on the pirobot's face, which makes you suspect that maybe he's just some mad old pirobot who actually lost his leg to rust.


if it wasn't Robots i'd score 5$


Coolness, I like robo pirates -they rock.


My favorite part of this is the kidney-shaped speech bubble where the pirate gets balloons released after he slays the beast.

That always happens to me too.


love the sequence of events involved
and your thick lines for the bubbles

robot pirates fighting robot sea monsters = awesome !


I'm thinking you could leave off the lower left bubble
and the whole thing would work even better.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

very nice 5$


great illust.. nice stroke for the character!


Funny! Robot pirates and good illustration=good times and good scores. But really, you didn't even need had me at "and that's how..."

mezo profile pic Alumni

Not sure about this one. The individual drawings are really cool, but when shown al together, they are confusing & hard to read. The flaming boot, however, soothes my heart. 4

Flying_Mouse profile pic Alumni

I can see you put a lot of time for this design... Is WORTH, Theurbanraptor! $5 on this colour shirt or yellow.


I know! I know! You $0 something when you hate it so much, hating it platonically isn't enough. You must obtain the shirt and put it on an effigy of the designer and burn it.

Everyone wins: designer, threadless, hate.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

I like the drawing but I would have one comment .. to push all the bubbles one space clockwise .... only because people read starting at the top left .. and on this it seems like that puts them in the middle of the story going by the pictures there

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