And sometimes Y not

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And sometimes Y not by threadbec on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Seriously, what the hell went wrong with this tourettes-like computer program above me?

Anywho, i like this idea for the childhood contest a lot, i like all the different perspectives at play, although the Y on the back should have a child playing with it a bit, maybe a slingshot in the middleo f the Y or having the y strapped to its back like a backpack.


I like this, but the O is the only one that actually looks tied on. Maybe loop the rope around the tops of the other letters?

You have a good style, though!

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

a really thoughtful comment and design, you hv my support on this!


fun concept, especially the O as a tire swing!


the way the letters are hanging reminds me of my childhood reading story books with drawings just like this.

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