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Raj Mahtaj

Title cracked me up. That should be on the shirt.


I've often thought about what things would be like if Jesus judged competitions or refereed for games.


That title MUST be on the shirt. I laughed out loud.


Though I love a lot of designs here, this is one of the few to have made me laugh out loud. :D

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

holy crap this is eerie! If you go about half an hour away from Columbus in Ohio, there is a church that has a several story statue of Cheesus H. Rice with his arms extended out like that, which most people refer to as the Touchdown Jesus. I REALLY wanna practice my place kicking over there, but I think frowny Christians forbid that.

lunchboxbrain profile pic Artist

^buzkill. I'm a church-goer myself Joe - take a look at a duck-billed platypus and tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

friggin funny!

lunchboxbrain profile pic Artist

Thanks for the great feedback everyone. I was thinking about the recommendations to put the title on the tee. How about if the following image was placed on the back of the tee? Any thoughts?


hahaha awesome, i love it! jesus shirts are always good i find :)


That hair is killing me.

It just looks like you copied and pasted His face onto a ref's head. The hair needs to be behind the forearm, not resting in His armpit.

lunchboxbrain profile pic Artist

^All hand drawn and sketched in. Nothing copied and pasted. I hear you though. However, I think if the hair is behind the arm, you might not see that it's the Lord right off the bat - defeating the idea of the tee.

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