Anatomy of a Pogo Stick

Design by tastygoldfish

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tastygoldfish profile pic Artist

HeyI thought it was pretty cool, but do You?


i'm doing a design of the pogo balls .. remember tose things?

tastygoldfish profile pic Artist

Who Doesn't remeber the pogo balls hours and hours of childhood fun :)


but then it wouldn't look like a blueprint

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think this idea is pretty funny, what with all the blow-out tees with guitars and boomboxes and such...i would just love less detail on specific parts of the pogo stick and more of a 3-d separation look to it all....but great idea and parody, if you intended the parody or not.


Alchemical: I'd bet that almost all of the work was finding the patent on the US Patent website.

A slight rearrangement of the image elements, with the downloaded TIFF image in hand: almost no time at all.

There's nothing on the USPTO website which says that patent documents cannot be reproduced.....but passing it off as original artwork is just sleazy.

As much as I like the design, I have to score it '0' for plagiarism. Sorry.

tastygoldfish profile pic Artist

I didn't even know i could do any of that but at least it's leagal :) it's third or fourth image on google image search and i traced the whole thing so yeah maybe plagarism but i didnt just copy and paste

tastygoldfish profile pic Artist

haha that would of made it easier if i had of had a hi res version like that the one i was working off sucked


dude... sorry man.. its got to be done...


I actually saw that patent on the History Channel last night. I have the whole five minute Vurtego section recorded on VHS tape. I'm something of a stunt jumper myself.

tastygoldfish profile pic Artist

sure sammy why not :)

tastygoldfish profile pic Artist

And yes ladies and gentlemen i do realise it's a direct copy i know you dont really appreciate that kinda thing on this site but i intentionly did thatcos iwanted it to look just like the orginal patent i thought it'd be cool to have the orginal patent for the pogo stick on a t-shirt but copying i shall do no more

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