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I've always been a fan of the artist Jamie Reid, most associated with The Sex Pistols and the famous God Save The Queen image. I wanted to flip the image around, giving it a transatlantic twist.

Not the most anarchistic of quotes, but one of my favourites from the great man, and definitely as appropriate today as it was then.


cool look to it...not sure why you chose abe lincoln?

bc of the vampire movie? not directly related obviously but are you leap frogging from that current reference or is there a deeper meaning?

quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

Cheers guys. Al, no deep meaning to it really. I'm a Pistols fan and wrote a paper on the guy who did all of their art Jamie Reid.

This is one of his most iconic images, and wanted to flip it on it's head. As an outsider, Abe Lincoln is one of the most memorable names, and faces of the US. I like the sentiment of his quote "The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend." Also, Destroy is a word associated with pistols, from some of Vivienne Westwood's shirt designs, and the lyric in Anarchy in the UK "I wanna destroy the passer by".

I make quite a lot of stuff like this, but I never do anything with it.


it's visually amazing and stunning. thanks for answering my query.

he's taught to us to be one of the most recognized presidents as well but now i wonder why.

in any event, the quote makes a perfect connection to the piece. good luck QBF!!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

heheh reminds me of that thing that said 'a true friend stabs you in the front' :)

soloyo profile pic Alumni





good stuff !




nice - my only suggestion (and its probably not a very good one) is maybe the edge of the oval needs to be 'softened' somehow - whether that is through a ripped or teared effect, or a halftone print effect?

Great work anyway!

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