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An old virus by G-NOVA on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

lose the bird and lose the type... otherwise AWESOME!!!!!


Not sure about the vines, they look kinda 'stuck on'.


This is similar to gameyy's Once Upon A War (same shot of the tank, same overgrown feelings.)

In any case, you're either gonna want to change the vines so they fits the vectortrace feel or do the vectors by hand so they match the vines.

Also, even vines need to grow from somewhere.

G-NOVA profile pic Artist

Verdana >>> Sorry I had never seen this visual, but it is the first image which came to me to speak about hope


i think the image of the tank with vines is enough...or more over i think the kids lok a bit weird.


I love this, its classic and orignial $15. Kind of puts a tear in my eye. I believe the bird can stay.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

That's a very moving image...and the text HAS to stay, it makes it more powerful. This is just great. 5


Lose the text.
One that has to do with war that I actually like.

Big Ed

The green vines show up so nicely against the dark tank. Nice job.


I like your visual very much you're the best G-Nova !


really cool looking and all... if it was original.... the one verdana posted is amazing.... so i cant give this on that high of a score


actually the vines are coming from the tank that's why they look like that.

I like this one better than the othe one i think that the contrast between the tank and the vines is pretty cool and the kids are cute !

G-NOVA profile pic Artist

xypherscompany >>>The tank is an image of the war in general. that seems obvious to me...

unisex pompadore

lose the kids & text, & you've got a good situation.

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