An artist reflects

Design by Jack Noel

An artist reflects by Jack Noel on Threadless
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i agree with bsweber.


The reflections are confusing - I had a hard time making out what this actually was. But the figures are great.


Maybe I'm being dense, why does the artist's reflection not match like the other's do? I really like the picture; I just want to get the message.


The cat is a nice touch, needs to be bigger. 5 !

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I like this!


OK now I get it. I think what stopped me from reaching that idea was that the figures are so active. Are the cat and the guy with the paint pot supposed to be absolutely frozen in those poses?
Anyway, the important thing is the image makes one think and it's visually attractive on the shirt. I'll give you a $5.

aled profile pic Alumni

Really well done. The pedantic artist in me enjoyed tilting my head 90 degrees to see if the reflections were accurate, and you've done an ace job showing the underside of the elements when so many people make obvious errors when trying to achieve reflections in drawing. Your greatest achievement here is making something quite complex look quite simple - I'm a fan! 4$

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