An Apple A Day Keeps Ze Doktor Avay

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An Apple A Day Keeps Ze Doktor Avay by magicalwegro on Threadless
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Just make a shirt of the potion. The doctor has nothing going for it.

classicoke profile pic Alumni

agreed. although i like the wehrmacht officer style pants and boots, the doctor isnt as good as the rest. =/


I could go for a shirt of only poison!


I don't really like the doctor that much (or at all really), but the detail in the poison is quite intriguing. I would like to see more of that style in a design of it's own.

All foolishness from the blogs aside, this is a good style and could really do something appealing. Please expand on it. 3 for the potential.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Incredible drawing. Does anybody else see John C McGinley, Dr. Cox of Scrubs?? with a hint ofDr. Scratchansniff?


dude... that is completely B.A. and amazing!

happy tofu

I agree with starinthemargin, but it's awesome how it is too.


Mad doctor scientists are alway FTW. $5 as is.

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