An Advancement In Wizardry - Model D-5000

Design by Flying_Mouse

An Advancement In Wizardry - Model D-5000 by Flying_Mouse on Threadless
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Hilarious! 5

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Very Nice!


Threadless probably isn't the best place to market this idea but I would totally buy it if it were printed.


Wouldn't he try and such up the Snitch instead - seems simpler to me :)

Jemae profile pic Alumni

COOL! Cool Idea + Cool Design + Cool Illus! My little princess crazy about this...will buy this for her! 5$! =)


awesome!! $5 for sure!


I liked the flying vacuum theme but thought, "why is he chasing a bird?" Now I see the Harry Potter reference because of what people are saying. If that was your intension, it doesn't work. The reference is too obscure. I would keep the drawing, but forget the HP aspect and just make him an unspecified magical person.


I like the anime influences in your design


Oh wow! you actually used part of the name thing... COOL!!!
and i love it, and i know some friends who will

hope it wins!!!!


Oh wow! you actually used part of the name thing... COOL!!!
and i love it, and i know some friends who will

hope it wins!!!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love the motion lines. Who woulda thought of that? ME! lol. Seriously tho, a really good Harry Potter reference that seems a bit too high on the tee for me. But still, a solid 3.

The Ending

I know a lot of people who would love this


Not the funniest or most original shirt, but I think it was designed well.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

hah 5$

Edword profile pic Alumni

well done FM!

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

Yea I knew, Ewidge. I instead a golden ball with a bird, we cannot make 100% same with the reference, becuase I'm not HP author.

And thanks for the comments so far :)

mezo profile pic Alumni

I hate anime. I hate Harry Potter. But you, friend, make me want to rethink my likes & dislikes. Never would wear the shirt, but the art/movement/layout/concept is brilliant. 5

herky profile pic Alumni

funny concept and great illustration.


I think you misunderstood MyNameIsVex. They were supporting you.

I like that the guy looks a bit like a Dragon Ball Z character in the face.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Artist

MyNameisVex, I just read your comment one more time. I'm missundertand what you comment. VERY SORRY... I will gift you one shirt of this design as my apologize to you if this get printed.

And thanks for your remind, SuperPope.


I love this - so glad you redid the hair - the first one made HP look like he had gray hair. I hope this one gets printed!


I love Harry Potter and the idea, however the placement I am not too keen on. I get it needs to be high because he is flying but I like side placements and bottom placements as it seems to abrupt and randomly suspended in the middle like that.


I love it!!!!


loooove it!! awesome idea!

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