An Advancement In Wizardry - Model D-5000

Design by Flying Mouse

An Advancement In Wizardry - Model D-5000 by Flying Mouse on Threadless
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Hilarious! 5

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Very Nice!


Threadless probably isn't the best place to market this idea but I would totally buy it if it were printed.


Wouldn't he try and such up the Snitch instead - seems simpler to me :)

Jemae profile pic Alumni

COOL! Cool Idea + Cool Design + Cool Illus! My little princess crazy about this...will buy this for her! 5$! =)


awesome!! $5 for sure!


I liked the flying vacuum theme but thought, "why is he chasing a bird?" Now I see the Harry Potter reference because of what people are saying. If that was your intension, it doesn't work. The reference is too obscure. I would keep the drawing, but forget the HP aspect and just make him an unspecified magical person.

TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni

Yea definitely add that gray to his hair. Aside from that, I like it.


I like the anime influences in your design


Oh wow! you actually used part of the name thing... COOL!!!
and i love it, and i know some friends who will

hope it wins!!!!


Oh wow! you actually used part of the name thing... COOL!!!
and i love it, and i know some friends who will

hope it wins!!!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love the motion lines. Who woulda thought of that? ME! lol. Seriously tho, a really good Harry Potter reference that seems a bit too high on the tee for me. But still, a solid 3.

The Ending

I know a lot of people who would love this

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

I wouldn't wear this but it's a great design.


Not the funniest or most original shirt, but I think it was designed well.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

hah 5$

Edword profile pic Alumni

well done FM!

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

Yea I knew, Ewidge. I instead a golden ball with a bird, we cannot make 100% same with the reference, becuase I'm not HP author.

And thanks for the comments so far :)

mezo profile pic Alumni

I hate anime. I hate Harry Potter. But you, friend, make me want to rethink my likes & dislikes. Never would wear the shirt, but the art/movement/layout/concept is brilliant. 5

herky profile pic Alumni

funny concept and great illustration.

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

MyNameIsVex, who set the rules of 10 seconds? Is it Threadless? AOI? Dr.VSP? Or "you"?

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Cool idea hah!


I think you misunderstood MyNameIsVex. They were supporting you.

I like that the guy looks a bit like a Dragon Ball Z character in the face.

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

MyNameisVex, I just read your comment one more time. I'm missundertand what you comment. VERY SORRY... I will gift you one shirt of this design as my apologize to you if this get printed.

And thanks for your remind, SuperPope.


I love this - so glad you redid the hair - the first one made HP look like he had gray hair. I hope this one gets printed!


I love Harry Potter and the idea, however the placement I am not too keen on. I get it needs to be high because he is flying but I like side placements and bottom placements as it seems to abrupt and randomly suspended in the middle like that.


I love it!!!!


loooove it!! awesome idea!

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