Amigos means Friends

Design by Mike Laughead

Amigos means Friends by Mike Laughead on Threadless
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Big Ed

Really nice! The world needs this shirt.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

love the characters. I don't really care for the "amigos" but I def like everything else - 5


none of these placements really looks right to me
what i fit wrapped around the site of the bottom? or even the middle


I, for one, like it with "amigos" on it.


I don't. The design's better without it.

Rick Fire

are you only knows to speak:"Amigos"??
Great Idea

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Mike, I really like these new two of yours, they feel closer to your posters of yesteryear to me. Really cool character and line work.


I didnt see the A and S and first.

herky profile pic Alumni

nice style. great character design.

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Artist

MiSS 405: I don't think that all asians have slanty eyes and wear communist outfits, but that one eating the noodles does. I'm sorry if the eyes are too slanty in my simplified style. I didn't know that I would offend anyone. I just like the way that the chinese communist uniform thing looks.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Love everything about it. 5$


Damn! i'd buy it no matter where you put that design! you could loose the bubbles, though.. anyways, it's a $5, no doubt about it!


My favorite is the guy holding the sandwich.
Great sub!


$5 if placed in the middle

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