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It's a beautiful design, but the towers ruins the design for me. I see you have corruption, consumerism, fast food consumption, celebrity idolization, icons, and monuments. That all works for me, but I'm not sure where the towers come in. Everything else there is what America stands for good and bad, but the towers is someting terrible that happened to America. I say loose the towers and replace it with
apple pie, or baseball, or our TV obsession, just something, anything else would be better.


I don't mind the towers. To me they represent not the event but the whole terrorism freak out that happened in the years following and the disaster with the "war on terror".

Looks great.


Wow good design. Good even for a shirt. But not on here. Not everyone on threadless is american. I would never ever wear it. If I was American, or maybe even pro-American, I might consider it. But I'm not, I wouldn't put on the banner of Americanism in a million years.

Again, the design is great, the art is great, but ultimately misplaced.

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I'd like the twin towers if they weren't on fire and the plane wasn't about to divebomb into it. They would be fine and people would get the point of them being on this tee without the extra stab in the heart the TT now represent to us. Great design besides that...4$

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It's just a very sensitive issue in this country now and forever Karnaf. I love the idea of having the twin towers as exclamation points, but you might wanna do the sears tower and the empire state building, or just one exclamation point.


This is an amazing shirt. After reading all the comments, I went back and really studied it, and realised that I liked it quite a bit. I think that the color choices are excellent. In response to Descartes, I'm not sure that one's nationality should prevent one from voting on whether a design is good or not; that seems rather limiting and a bit juvenile to me. I am an American, but I have lived a good deal of my life in both Asia and Europe. I can look at America and see its good and bad sides, and feel both love and exasperation. It would be great if there were designs here that referenced other cultures; I'd enjoy voting on those as well.

I agree with those who have said that the twin towers ought not to be on the shirt. Their demise IS a part of our history, but not in the same vein with the other symbols on the shirt. To keep the balance of the design, I liked the suggestion to use some other towering structure that is still intact.


I agree with TandM above


I'm on the verge of liking it, I think.

I_AM_H2 profile pic Staff

I like the design, but why did you choose that particular part of American history? Is it shock value?

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