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How about the bears licking their lips and the peguin having somekind of greif on is face, besides that I don't mind the white tee at all

slaterock profile pic Artist

Atreides, i guess the idea is that the polar bears are "disguised" in the snow, so initially you wouldn't realize what was going on.

mezo profile pic Alumni

The white is quite nice....and that light blue gives the design a great cool feel.



i see you made the polar bears look like they're smirking! that makes me very happy :) i agree, great use of negative space; lovin' the whole "disguised" affect. good luck!


I like it.

If the seal look scared it wouldn't really be ambushed! would it?


looked. gah i can't type today.


i kinda want to penguin to be in there somehow, i know its cliche, btu its a nice touch. maybe having him on the back on bottom corner with his head in his hands.


i dont usually like white shirts but theres something really nice about this one

slaterock profile pic Artist

i don't mean to be a jerk, but you people do realize that the design on the shirt is just for placement, nothing more? Plus it's like a 3" x 2" picture. I would hope it would be hard to make out. Thanks for the comments though.


I like the smirk on the seal, like he knows something we don't.....


club a baby seal and join the national guard!

Gringz profile pic Alumni

great! 5

slaterock profile pic Artist

I thought I would add this. The original sub was going to look like this:

Click here for original!

And it was to be titled: "Hey, what the hell are you guys doing here?!".

For anyone who cares. Thanks for the comments everyone!

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

lol I love it.. I remember when I was little polar bears scared me to death... I used to think that they lived under my bead heheh.


Although a clever design, I weep for the seal. Flashbacks to a high school video about seal clubbing depress me. D:


Been lurking on Threadless for quite a while now. This shirt made me set up an account, just to be able to give it a score.
I want this shirt. (Actually, if this doesn't get printed, I hope the designer will make it available elsewhere...)


Run little seal!!!! :'(


I see what you are trying to do with the white, but it just needs to be a little tighter.. its a little to spacey.. but very cool.

Yotam Perel

Threadless people, Forget the score. Print this. Print this print this print this print this. Seriusly. Print this.

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