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Amazing Connections by Mosquito88 on Threadless
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I wanted to create a design people could look at for more times, and still see new stuff in it.

For those who don't get it, this is what you can see in it:

- A bike
- A lollipop/sigarette
- Smoke/a lady
- Chewinggum
- Hot air balloon
- Bike basket
- Traffic light
- Orange
- Bomb/headphones
- Some/ a guy (spitting)

All of this, amazingly connected.

This is what I see in it, maybe you see some more stuff.


unusual and creative, but I wouldn't wear it, I guess...


cool idea, but bad placement and the things that they can see should be related


I like the design, I saw everything except the orange, but I'm not sure this works on a shirt.

Mosquito88 profile pic Artist

thanks for all the comments!

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