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Beautiful and elegant. 5!


Interesting design. The placement of the mountain could be better though. You have been scored my friend! ^(;,;)^ <------Cthulhu emoticon

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Thank you all for the comments and critiques! ^,^ @Tobias - I see what you mean - about the left mountain? I should have had it cascade down with her shoulder... thanks for pointing that out!


I love this! I suppose if I had to critique it, I wish the mountains more closely resembled traditional Japanese art. I'm not sure if you used a reference when you were doing the first sketches, but there are a lot of good examples of Japanese art with mountains that could help you get the feel of them better. Here's a link to a drawing of Mount Fuji, if it helps: . And here is another traditional art piece that could help you get the feel of it: .


What medium(s) did you use?

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Coolemcha - I actually /tried/ to make them look like the more traditional art e _ e but I needed color? They all had the... ink-wash look... although at the time I only found a few examples I liked... going from full color to the ink-wash look of most Kaiga didn't seem to fit? idk it worked out like THAT... but yeah - it's digital art x)

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