am a ze ing giraffe

Design by yannachinzz

am a ze ing  giraffe by yannachinzz on Threadless
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wouldn't the point be to have the negative space have an actual path to go in near the head and out near the body? or am I missing something?


yeah, you actually right, but still nice

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, stupendous idea, but it needs the negative space going up to the head being solvable, or at least a word being spelled out by the neck, and maybe a tree on the side with some leaves hanging low, with the head eating some leaves to be your prize for getting to the end of the giraffe maze.

yannachinzz profile pic Artist

thanks a lot everyone for your comments and advices:))I' ll improve it and submitt again.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

nice idea :D

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