Alternative reality No.#49

Design by Raid71

Alternative reality No.#49 by Raid71 on Threadless
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Just love the animal ikon...good illus!

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

If the elephant looked more... saggy, like he's being held by the beak, I think it'd sell the idea a bit better.


I really like the shirt but different color choices for the shirts


Aw, I'd so buy it if it was bigger on the shirt and without the elephant...


I realize it's supposed to be alternative reality but the elephant just looks weird. If you changed the theme by taking out the elephant, the shirt would be very cool! The owl against the background is pretty enough!


ooh, lovely. i'd like it a bit bigger on the shirt, though.


i really love your alternative reality stuff, very creative. this is my favorite along with the pigeon one. 5$ :) i'm excited to see more

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