Alphabet Zoo

Design by ibakedesign


OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

there's no x in swordfish! :)

not bad though.


agree with OleyRudey.

This is awesome


Hmm, Ii would spread the animals out more. 3


i dont like that N and X are both facing the same way. and they should all be a little more spread out.. and lower on the shirt perhaps. but a definate buy!! loving it

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Nice idea! I like it.

Rock Deputy
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I thought that the floating-head species of Moose and Elephant were only myths... happy to be proved wrong.

just kidding, awesome design!


this shirt has a narwhal on it. egads. best ever.


Purely amazing. If it's not printed, I'll start crying...


good on blue..!great idea


I smell a NARWHAL...


The ideas good, but:
-It looks awkward to have only the heads of the moose and elephant and the whole bodies of everything else.
-Why does the zebra silhouette have stripes?
-The Bird has no legs
-The gorilla looks like it's humping something.
-If you're going to use unicorn you should also use dragon and other fantasy animals
I love the narwhal, though.


hahaha, personally i love the unicorn being there. the design as a whole caught my attention 'cause i liked identifying the different animals, and then when i got to the unicorn i just cracked up. thanks for the good laugh :) :)

And besides, this is one of the most comprehensive lits of animals that start with the letter U that i could find:

given the pretty entirely un-identifiable alternatives, i say definitely stick with the unicorn. besides, the unicorn is hillarious.

i don't think the zebra needs any stripes -- it's pretty obvious with the Z on it.. but if you insist on stripes, why only three and why on his ass?


This is sweet.

It'd be PERFECT if ti were cream ink on green. WHite never does it for me. Still $5. I love it.


I like this on blue. Green makes me look jaundiced.

Rick Fire

Very Very Cool


jsitzer, if the zebra didnt have stripes, it'd be a donkey. "Z isnt for donkey, stoopid!!11one"

this is perfect. $5!


that's clever. haha!


HOW THE HELL IS THAT AN X-RAY FISH?????? X-ray fish are small, freshwater, and can fit in GD fish tank!!! By the way...great design...I think I'd actually buy this. And dont worry about the unicorn...if somebody doesnt like the unicorn, they arent going to buy this shirt in the first place.

P.S. krys1980...huh?


And definitely green please.


so good. good choice of colors too.


paint by numbers was better.


This is great! $5


I love it and I personally LOVE the unicorn. The elephant looks a little awkward to me. I agree with adding ad ear at least.


I like it. Animals rule. 26 of them all on one shirt together? Awesome.

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