Almost Dead

Design by Ketchup Face

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very nice bro. i like it sketchy instead of solid lines. this -will- be printed, either here, or on our own press :D

nco profile pic Alumni

I'm sorry to say, the fact that the designer hasn't decided the color of the tee, automatically lowers my vote. You know, it's quite often that I like one particular color combination very much and not the rest, and while Threadless usually prints only one color, I can never be sure I'd get what I want.

nco profile pic Alumni

Ketchup Face: please learn to read; I didn't say I couldn't decide. What I said was that in case I only like one color combination and vote '5' and Threadless prints another color combo - one that I'd never wear - I get nothing. You're not leaving us options, you're just increasing the probability of disappointing each voter in case you're getting printed. Get it?

Besides, I was giving you constuctive criticism and I was being quite polite, actually. I thought you could be interested in what factors affect the score you're getting. In addition, I could have posted that comment to any submission with multiple colors, so there was no reason for you to 1. take it personally. 2. start acting like a spoiled brat. I'd suggest you get yourself a helluva thicker skin.

neema: hmm... ok: black: 2pts. red: 0pts. yellow: 4pts. khaki: 2pts. This still doesn't solve the problem of what to vote for the whole design, see? The only solution would be to give different scores for each color combination, and seeing that it'd make the voting quite complicated, I'd still prefer the designer deciding the color. Anyways, I think it's the designers job, as much as is deciding what fonts to use and what figures to draw. This is unless Threadless, all of a sudden, decides to start printing on all the colors that the designer can think of suggesting.

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