All That We Don't Know

Design by WanderingBert

All That We Don't Know by WanderingBert on Threadless
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WanderingBert profile pic Artist

This spacey collaboration between Wandering Bert and Frickinawesome seeks to illustrate that as much as we think we know about the universe all around us, an infinite amount of knowledge we cannot comprehend because of human limitation lies beyond our current reach. In other words, there's a lot of stuff we don't even know to begin looking for yet! Go blow some minds with this fun t-shirt design!

If you need a bigger image, i'll post a link here and through my profile.

Uses 5 colours plus the shirt colour.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

no crying over spilt awesomeness



One of my favourite submissions for the contest so far. This is amazing - though-provoking and wonderfully designed. $5

radiomode profile pic Alumni
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like it. Looks better on blue... reminds me of editorial cartoon

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the tip about this being a shirt and not a poster site Lindsey. I really don't think this is that busy of a shirt and the idea flows from top to bottom fairly well.

As for everyone else, I'm glad you are enjoying it! Wandering Bert did a mucho fantastic job of capturing the idea in such a concise way...


so true !
too many times we scratch in our own puddle while there's a whole dam right behind us

other times I'm glad all we know is being dripped out to us
since trying to take it all in at once would rip our minds apart

yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Alumni

great job, guys! I'd wear it for sure!

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni


OOH_OOH profile pic Alumni

Space has always fascinated me so of course I love this design. Well done!

Jemae profile pic Alumni
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INTERESTING! well done job! :D

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Great job guys. Looks awesome!


this is dam good! $5


This is so groovy! I love the idea and I think the design would make an awesome shirt.

herky profile pic Alumni

cool concept and illustration, nice work $5.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

The faces are a bit too cartooney for my taste. Nice concept though.


great concept.
i like how it turned out

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

I think the wall interrupts the design a bit too much, but the white used in the universe tones and on the wall looks great, really adds impressive detail and depth.


I love this. So true, and the design says it all, no explaination needed :D

empiricist profile pic Alumni

I'm a sucker for anything SPACE related! $5


I approve. 5.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

wowowowow i wish i had been around to $5 this
please print this

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Man, ginettex2 was really diggin the earlier for liking them, even though it took me almost a year to say to you.

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