All Taken Care Of

Design by Skipper6745

All Taken Care Of by Skipper6745 on Threadless
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Ste7en profile pic Alumni

pretty nice, I would have liked to see colors that worked better together though

Skipper6745 profile pic Artist

I was trying to go for a more interesting, original alien, rather than the typical, boring, big-headed, big-eyed, green alien.

And I know this concept is nothing fresh, I just thought I got to it first. Guess not, that's how the dice rolls.

Blue Aya

... but why is the vampire smiling?

Skipper6745 profile pic Artist

Vampires are naturally happy creatures.


I like it...but id have to pass on the alien/squid thing. 4 from me.


Like the idea and style .... agree about the alien head (does look squid like ) and the dinosaur needs to be of the meaner variety a raptor of something with lots of sharp teeth .... good sub tho, 4


you really are just getting better and better :)

Skipper6745 profile pic Artist

Hahaha, the alien does look like a nose!


dude A: "yo... so hey, guess what were doing in taxodermy class..." .... "huh, huh"

dude B: "what, man,... i donno, what?"

dude A: "STUFF!!!!" "stuff, ... get it STUFF.. HAh hahhahahah!!!!"


Kudos (I can't believe I used the word kudos) for not using the same damn dinosaur and alien as the rest of 'em. They're not just different, but well done in their own right. The zombie is ultra good. I'm pretty much neutral on the vampire.


yeah, the zombie is the best part of this design. and indeed, way to be original! maybe some tentacles to the alien?...i mean, its awesome and everything, but it does kinda look like a nose.

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