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All signs point to... by spanky85 on Threadless
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staffell profile pic Alumni

You see this doesn't really work because all the bank notes are the same. If you had made them accurately depicting their respective monetary symbol it would have improved the design 2 fold.

staffell profile pic Alumni

...oh and your forgot the Euro, big mistake!

staffell profile pic Alumni

(ignore that last comment)

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i want to see how the design looks on the shirt! not dotted boxes!

i like this design, but having the respective money for each currency would be good.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

listens to Long Distance Runaround

spanky85 profile pic Artist

I did mix around with incorporating each respective currency, but the 4 colour limit ultimately impaired the effect of one of the currency's, as there wasn't enough colour to go around. I had to think loooong and hard before deciding to use just the greenback, which I find to be more effective anyways. It doesn't look as "cluttered" as with all different sorts of currency's.

As for the Euro as the "E" ... it looked more like a "C" with two lines through it ...

The problem with using the Pound and Yen notes is the design also is that for alot of people, they are not instantly recognizable. I had absolutley idea what they looked like until I googled them. Even the dollar was an issue...I'm Australian and we use coins for 1 Dollar, but I eventually came to the conclusion and I didn't want people to look at the shirt and think "wtf is that?" For me, and I think most people, the American Dollar Bill is the most instantly recognizable one of the lot.


What about the canadian dollar? Isnt it doing pretty good?

spanky85 profile pic Artist

Ignore my ignorance, but I'm 'fraid I wouldn't know what a Canadian Dollar looks like I said - I wanted it to keep it as recognisable as possible.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I like it, nice work. I would actually like to see this on green ... maybe

spanky85 profile pic Artist

I've been thinking...I think it would look great on a grey tee as well.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback guys. I did have another play around with the respective currencies...but it just doesn't work. The Yen are coins, and the Pound and Dollar are that looks odd enough itself. And there just isn't enough colors to give each one it's own two tone, and sharing colors between two just looks dodgy. Oh well...not to toot my own horn but I quite like this design... I would buy it if someone else had come up with it ahahaha.


good one

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