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All Pink by natasha.epperson on Threadless
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natasha.epperson profile pic Artist

Photo of model Luxbot. Makeup artist is Vi Li. Photographer is me, Natasha Epperson


nice team!!!!!!

robber ducky

Sexy! Not threadless really material though

robber ducky

I mean not really threadless material. If that makes any sense.


Great picture! But aren't there too many colors?

YaaH profile pic Alumni



@Robber_ducky This design seems ok to me. It's not too obscene or anything... Is it Threadless material? Shouldn't art be shocking and challenge conventions? I would wear it, but maybe it isn't threadless material in that case. Is threadless a place for art or place to find moderate shirts for 'all occasions?'

I'm not trying to challage what you are saying but it really is quite tame.

natasha.epperson profile pic Artist

@Mr Eleven i'm not sure why he said that either. I don't see how this isn't threadless material either.

robber ducky

Don't get me wrong, I really like it. That comment was based on theadless' catalog of printed designs. (Warning: That page takes forever to load.) If it was an painting or illustration based on a photograph or maybe photomanipulated further, I probably wouldn't have said that.




im not agree with this personally it doesnt seems a threadless material to me, although its okay for something else

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Don't take offense at Robber Ducky, he's right when he says this isn't threadless material in as much as threadless has never printed anything like this before in my recollection.

It's a nice enough photograph, but how many people would be willing to wear it on a t-shirt is debateable. All the best, though.

krisren28 profile pic Alumni
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HOT!!! 5$ it is.. =)

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