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"If we MEET again soon"

"My tolerance for threats and abuse HAS strangely increased"

You may or may not be a native english speaker but proofreading is awesome.

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Not only is this a ton to read, it's just plopped on the middle of a tee, doesn't make any sense unless you live in a town where everyone knows everyone, and feels like a spam e-mail forward. I'm sorry I'm being a lil bit rough here,but this is kind of the ultimate shirt example for disregarding the fact that your design is going on a medium for wearing around.


i´d wear it for sure, print it yourself and let me know heh


nice copy cat idea, but the cards I've seen nail this and you fall a bit short


and whats with all the "all of the above" options? Couldn't think of any more creative.....


oh, cute concept.

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