All Hail the Squirrel King!

Design by queenmob

All Hail the Squirrel King! by queenmob on Threadless
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queenmob profile pic Artist

I just moved to New York and noticed how dominant the squirrels are in this city. They are everywhere, behind every bush – coming through open windows to sit on your face when you wake up. They`re incredible cute, and will probably rule the world one day. Their mind hides smething calculating – an evil intelligence!
Technique is pencil and fine liner on paper, coloring in Photoshop.

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

As an ex-New Yorker I can attest to this fact

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cute :D :D

queenmob profile pic Artist

They do look like a butt! Why do I find this funny?! haha....
Thanks for the critique FixelPish. Youre probably right, but I wanted something in comparetion to express the supremeness of the squirrel.


agree with just the squirrel + acorn. anyway awesome design!


Fantastic illo but it's lost on the orange shirt. Better presentation and I think this would score higher-4-


queenmob on Oct 11 '09
@ saulomedeiros
ever heart about "constructive critique"?

although they were kind of rude, this isn't the critique section of this site. If you are looking for a critique, submit your design as a critique first and then it will be refined and more polished.

good luck, keep it up. I love the squirrel

queenmob profile pic Artist

@ mgill5
thanks, I know - but people here give critique anyway, which I appreciate. I may start using the critique board tough.

All the best



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