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i love scribbling. If the subject matter were something maybe a little bit more edgy...whatever that may mean to you...I totally love that this is scribbles though it is so awesome and I definately want more...

Big Ed

I love it. But I agree, I don't think it needs to be squared off.


I think it's cute, but I wouldn't wear it on a shirt.


agree with everyone else on the square edges bringing the overall design down

love the scribblies but you may want to rethink your size, placement, and edges

I'll give you a 4 because I think it could be really good with a few adjustments


this makes me so happy. it reminds me of doctor seuss...but with hair frizz


I love it, but I hate how it looks like a box.

The Joker

I love this shirt for all of it's rough design. It looks as if it was drawn and never touched. Awesome godd@mn artwork.


i think you need to continue the idea of the eyes and animals... right now there's too much scribbly space and it's hard to pick out the animals at first, in a bad way.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Oh you had a great start on the bird scribble shapes but then got lazy with the border area.



It is so adorable! Turn the scribblesquare into a scribbletree, I think. $5 anyways!

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