aliens party time

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aliens party time by geraud76 on Threadless
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I was thinking it would be better without the aliens.


I kinda like it the way it is.


I think it'd be much better if the alien rave was the main focus and the dog and man were tiny, but it's still pretty cool the way it is.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

i like it as is, otherwise it loses all meaning and becomes a tshirt that neanderthals like ^^ want to buy because they don't understand anything that requires an iq of above 80


The dog/man should be much smaller. Also, how about having the DJ alien working right off the top of the disc, like a man halfway out the top porthole of a tank?


Or the old man could be looking out his window, like they woke him up.

mcgowen007 profile pic Alumni

did aliens replace ninjas? pirates? what's going on?? well, at least it was well executed. 4


love the ufo...
man and dog... has me in a pickle...
mayB no man, and only dog. ?
good job overall.

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