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Alien Telescope by Jebs on Threadless
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Great talent here !

Too bad the alien doesn't also see people falling in love,
homeless shelters helping people, the Red Cross helping
catastrophe victims, beautiflul forests, people looking
out for their neighbor's pets while they're on vacation,
researchers finding new things to help improve our
health, amusement parks, fireworks, wedding anniversary
celebrations, family reunions, flower shops, Christmas,
teddy bears, snowmen, sandcastles, sunsets, Threadless
people traveling to each other's homes and posting the
pictures in their blogs, friends having surprise birthday
parties, etc. . .

I think it should all be mixed together. The good and
the bad. Maybe your design is a result of media's
fixation on highlighting the catastr0phes & evil
surrounding us in its broadcasts since the smaller
events of love/joy surrounding us don't seem to
rivet our attention as much. or maybe not.

Jebs profile pic Artist

hi helo ;-) thanks for this comment very accurate, i appreciate that a lot! So, answering to you: Of course, i could have mixed the two (bad and good) together but my process is different...and you are right, the medias have on this artwork a big part (as you see the satellite). So my process is that we ARE (as the whole humanity) forgetting all the beautiful and little things that make us so happy to live, share, love, give, take etc...and with an extern eye (the alien), those magnificent reasons to enjoy life, with the others, with the different nations, people, with the nature itself, are overshadowed by all the Evil side, like you see on the telescope. SO we MUST CHANGE, first admitting that IT IS the truth seen by the alien, to CHANGE the world too...My english is so bad, that's a pity i can't argue better my design :/ I am not sure i was clear...My process is: See what we MUST change in our world...


Nice Artwork

Jebs profile pic Artist

Thanks for your comments: NEW VERSION on my threadless Blog, with a black background. A version i did, after reading your comments...I think i should try more often different backgrounds, because your idea was great! Just tell me what you think ;-)


really nice, love the graphics in the telescope.

Jebs profile pic Artist

aconitez> when a designer with your talent appreciate my's always special: Thanks!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Wow - beautifully rendered.

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks folks, i love those comments ;-)


great great design and concept, dont like the colours so much..

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks nats! Even the black teeshirt?


actually yeh, black would be awesome :D


It looks so great on black!! Awesome job!!


i like it on the background color (pink?). Maybe u could do another version with all the good stuff in the telescope :)

Jebs profile pic Artist

hanna> :-D i am pleased you ask for that BECAUSE i first did an artwork with only the eye of the telescope!!! I'll post it :-D
... wyrogerg> yes, interesting, i think i did a slighty effect "fish-eye", but i could emphaze it.


The black shirt definitely improves the
presentation of the design.

Jebs profile pic Artist

You know what? your comments gave me the idea to make a design with the alien, just him, and just for fun with a reference to science fiction i'm sure everybody knows! (i love to alternate the styles) we'll see :-D

Ava Adore

pretty cool

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks! reverywilldo> i told you i was sure some better designs i made would pleased you :-D thanks for the comment ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

katy> you are right, i didn't work on them like i should have done, and like i did with the rest ;-) thanks everybody!

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