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"Mrs. Huckleberry?" Sammy waived his arm in the air.

"Yes, Sammy?"

"Could you please go over number 17?"

"Of course," Mrs. Huckleberry said. "Class, please follow along in your books." There was a shuffling of pages as everybody turned to the problem. "Now," she continued, "number 17 is asking us to find the deliciousness of a slice of pie by solving for the scrumptiousness of a candy bar. Who can tell me how we would first go about finding the right scrumptiousness?" She looked around the room. "Julie, how about you?"

Scratching her head, Julie hesitated for a moment and then spoke up. "You multiply the yumminosity of the candy bar, which is seven, by its tastiness, which is six. That means the scrumptiousness is 42."

"Correct!" replied Mrs. Huckleberry. "And now, since we have the scrumptiousness, all we have to do is use the formula I taught you yesterday to solve for the deliciousness. Can someone tell me what the formula is?" There were murmurs all around as the students looked away from their teacher. "Ok, I'll tell you again: The deliciousness of any one item equals twice the scrumptiousness of the second item divided by three. That means the deliciousness of the slice of pie is 28."

As the class wrote down the answer, the bell rang. "I'll see you tomorrow," Mrs. Huckleberry called out. "Don't forget to complete pages 33-35 for homework tonight!"

Delicious eight-color design on dark gray!


fibonachoooo! At first I thought those might be bugles and I was like HOLY SHIT BUGLES!

Either way $5, of course.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I hate the maths, but this is neat.


mmmm, pearabola..

snaggle tooth

tracer is back with a vengeance!!!


my dog ate my homework!

this is tasty


it's so adorable


handsome! i mean handsome!!!

sonmi profile pic Alumni



Math puns are fun. I want a fibonacho spiral now. $5.

Mountain Gnome

This looks real great on the light grey tee, and I love the background! WTG TracerBullet!

tracerbullet profile pic Artist

Nerds love boobs!


This is awesome. I just wish the ice cream wasn't pink, and the tea cup was red. I'd like to see a bit more colour, for some reason. Or maybe it could be grey equations and the same colours on a black tee? there's just something I find a tiny bit off-putting with the colours- but it is awesome and I'd buy it as is :)


yeah, good job to Kelsi...

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

nice pun!

jet approves

pearabola looks delicious!


only nerds get this.


I want some infinitea! There never seems to be enough in my cup.


This really needed a prawn curry (Poincare) reference and a log cabin.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

this makes math more fun!

tracerbullet profile pic Artist

Thanks for the decent score, y'all!

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