AK-47 is my best friend

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AK-47 is my best friend by professor on Threadless
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I actually really like the impact of the blood and her hood.
I'm guessing the images are stolen, but I don't really think there's much way of avoiding that for this idea, and they're well combined.

silverqe profile pic Alumni

Isn't this just a less subtle version of Red/?

professor profile pic Artist

ph03n1x, thank you for your great explanation and great score ;)

olie! profile pic Alumni


I am really looking forward to what [+duracell-] has to say about this.

nice job man. Oh, and





regardless of Phoenix's "nothing new under the sun" soliloquy (which has always seemed a weak excuse to me), I just can't justify scoring this well with one incredibly executed RRH concept as a bestee winner last year, and another similar concept but different execution being printed Monday. It's a pretty specific concept to print thrice in 12 months, no?

silverqe profile pic Alumni

lol @ ph03n1x. Someone has their self-righteous pants on today. I didn't "CRY FOUL" at this "expression of a used concept in a new style," all I said was, I believe: "this is a less subtle version of Red."

And I really don't think there's any way you could argue with me about that. It doesn't mean this sub is bad, it just means that it's been done, and printed (twice) before at Threadless.


againstbound profile pic Alumni

ph03n1x on Feb 28 '09
silverge needs to get off her high horse.

Look who's talking, and way to shit on the design of the year, dude.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i totally would have said what silverge had if they hadn't already said it. also that isn't saying this design is worthless or awful or anything.

also lol @ Red being called uncreative, not contemporary and pretentious. come on...


Well Phoenix has been a member on threadless for almost a week now so they are likely an expert


So nice !

professor profile pic Artist

hi fellows,

first of all thank you for your nice words ;)

i'm not following the designs on threadless that's why i put the design on this contest, if i see Red before silverge shows it to me, be sure that you will see it on dbu or somewhere else except threadless!

So relax fellows, we are not saving the world here, this is a platform that people share what they do and have fun with other people's work! isn't it? i can't understand why r u so excited? i think it is the money ;))

cool it man, this design is not going to be printed and u r not going to see more red riding hoods here ;))

sorry for disturbing u all...

professor profile pic Artist

bu arada eyvallah canlarım ;)

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

Wow that is pretty hard hitting!
I think I prefer a sexy red ridding hood to a psycho victorian child!
But great ill!

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

I think we should limit Threadless to printing only 15 Red Riding Hood designs a year. That is all.t



wow, a book. Maybe you should write a blog about it.

with that all said, i wish the blood was more similar looking to the rest of the design. thats my only qualm with it.

mezo profile pic Alumni

There are a lot of words here....I'm just gonna crit the design instead of adding to the heated text discussion over art because art sucks.

I am not a huge fan of Red being, like, a 6 year old gun-wielding murderess. Not do I like the look of the raster photo collage just being stuck on the tee- more of an environment could have helped tone down the harsh edges. Speaking of hard edges, black & red on white feels like a boring color scheme to me. And I think the placement of the wolf is too...um...nipple to nipple. But, professor, you clearly have skill and the winning potential so just keep truckin'. 3

courtney pie

mgill52 on Mar 02 '09
wow, a book. Maybe you should write a blog about it.

i lol'd


Omg, I love this. $5 I love how the colors come together.


aw, it makes my day when I make people lol


Haha. This is creepy and cute :)


i would like this better on a print than on a tee... but i like the idea!

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