airplanes run on magic

Design by craigily

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No, it totally needs a face. It makes it more like a children's product, which is part of the charm.
Besides, things seem more magic if they're anthropomorphic. Think Disney, like all the dancing
furniture in Beauty and the Beast or the walking broomsticks in Fantasia.


I'd buy it.


i knew those bastard airplanes weren't all about fuel..i love. 5.


maybe if the airplane wasn't so cartoonish and a bit less out of a childrens book. but at least you're stating a fact - there is no other explanation for how they work. and it makes me think if raplh from the simpsons. so i guess that's good.


it's a little too childish, yet i'd still wear it.


OMG...i need this shirt as much as i need sex lol

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