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I agree that the little price sticker could use some work- I think you could pretty much do without it all together, as "help yourself" usually means that the air is free. When it isn't, it's usually 2 quarters. ;-)

I like the idea and the placement and might even be able to be okay with the black shirt. Good luck!

tomburns profile pic Alumni

haha, awesome dude 5


If you think text can't be art, you obviously aren't the well educated art critic you're trying to portray yourself as, camp.

I for one love it, I'd definitely buy it myself, though not in black (though I do think it looks good on it)

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

I don't think time invested into a design says anything at all about the design itself. A lot of the designs on threadless probably take some people hours to work out, but that doesn't make the end result a masterpiece.

It's not about artwork, if it were, some of these shirts would get printed, while others wouldn''s about concepts.

That being said, this concept doesn't make for a great t shirt.

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