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Air Jesus by selfsorter on Threadless
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blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Nice use of photo reference and painterly technique.

soloyo profile pic Alumni


Nana Abbo

nice coloring!

Mike Bluth

Nice touch on the left hand too...slam dunk 5

selfsorter profile pic Artist

Thanks everybody for the props!

Tried to do something unique with the coloring, first time doing it.

@Mike: Thanks for noticing the subtle left hand gesture!

berlynhubler profile pic Alumni

awesome! the style is perfect for this.


Hello Joseph my name is Noah Schafer. I have recently used one of your designs for a t-shirt brand I am trying to start up called Then the Lord Said... I have used your Air Jordan piece for one of my designs and I have come to found that it is copyrighted by you. I would like to get your permission to use it. If you want to contact me my email is: If we could work something out that would be great.


My Favorite Thred-T so far :) Great job!

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