Air Jesus

Design by Underdawg

Air Jesus by Underdawg on Threadless
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blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Nice use of photo reference and painterly technique.

soloyo profile pic Alumni


Nana Abbo

nice coloring!

Mike Bluth

Nice touch on the left hand too...slam dunk 5

Underdawg profile pic Artist

Thanks everybody for the props!

Tried to do something unique with the coloring, first time doing it.

@Mike: Thanks for noticing the subtle left hand gesture!

berlynhubler profile pic Alumni

awesome! the style is perfect for this.

bcarlson41 profile pic Staff

I'd love to know how you did this! I own it by the way.


Hello Joseph my name is Noah Schafer. I have recently used one of your designs for a t-shirt brand I am trying to start up called Then the Lord Said... I have used your Air Jordan piece for one of my designs and I have come to found that it is copyrighted by you. I would like to get your permission to use it. If you want to contact me my email is: If we could work something out that would be great.

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