Ahab and the Crane

Design by slaterock

Ahab and the Crane by slaterock on Threadless
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herky profile pic Alumni

great colors and illustration, love it on the dark blue.


love it— but the striped sail seems to take away from it. maybe trying some smaller texture or pattern in it... ?


i hate to be a snot - but the brown is just too muddy, and blue is ok - but i'd like to see a version in greys and dusky purples - humor me, pretty please

Ava Adore

yeah awesome on the dark blue. great illus!

The Ending

i still love it though! Its much better


i thought it was a lobster

the czar

Another wild one by the Slate-man!


Like it one blue. $4


different color please, but i like it

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Well done. Better on brown.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Well done. Better on brown.


Great $5

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

looks great, like i've said, and the colors are very easy on the eyes..flows well on a shirt


Both color schemes look great. I agree with the comments about the sail stripes-- lose 'em. Wonderful sub.


Definitely a winner!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

sweet, i love it on the blue - it'd be perfect without the swan!

Alex M. Solefish

I agree that the sail gets to me... Maybe a more classic looking one, or one sort of like a fin? Otherwise, excellent design.

mezo profile pic Alumni

It's ok. I can't help but think you rushed this though. It doesn't have interesting details & linework as most of your previous subs have. Though it's a great concept for the theme....4

slaterock profile pic Artist

mezz, i would agree with you. It is a bit rushed. I can't vector worth a damn. I just started playing with some shapes, and then it developed into this. Good eye, ma'am.

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