After the Rebellion

Design by onemannbrand

After the Rebellion by onemannbrand on Threadless
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onemannbrand profile pic Artist

What's a Wookie gonna do?




funny, nice clean artwork, me like , will buy for a cabby friend of mine!


Blasphemy. The face is a poor translation of Chewbacca's features. Try using photo reference.

onemannbrand profile pic Artist

I made it more realistic at first but it just didn't look right. So I simpified it. And I'll fight anyone to the death who says I'm not a true fan!!

ibyes profile pic Alumni
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It definitely needs to look more like Chewie (it can still be simple, but it needs to look more like him) and sound more like Chewie. Also, as we all know he doesn't talk. Maybe he could be doing a different crappy job and be sighing. Then in the speech bubble there could be a Chewie wail of some sort. I think it has potential, but needs work.


no words, a little more distinguishable chewy

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