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slender fungus

maybe if it said jewfro. i am all for the jewfro.


dude, that's a good one! it's clean, colorful, funny.

DaddyDom profile pic Artist

grits, I have a Jafro, not an Afro
slender, a Jafro and a Jewfro are brothers, the Afro is our cousin.
littlem, thanks buddy.
Paradox, I feel your longing. I'm here for you, man.
Tower, I dig, but, I kinda like discovery myself. Also, color scheme is definitely up for change.

Only six comments, not good. At least it's still alive! If anyone sees this and has some insight as to how it could be improved, please, please, do tell.

DaddyDom profile pic Artist

I am going to assume that the lack of comments is due to the apostrophe problem. Ignorance is bliss.

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