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Advice Of The Damned by bananaphone on Threadless
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I wish there wasn't a little yellow thingy (triangle) between the two front teeth. It makes it look like you just mirrored half a skull to get the general shape and then colored it. I like the sarcasm behind the whole design.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice imagery, great combination with the text, great design.

[i have to agree that the mirrored technique is visible, due to the odd pointy tooth, but it doesnt really bother me and would be an easy fix if chosen to be printed]

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

great illustration... mirror effect is off putting... still your best work $5

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

My favourite of yours of all time 5$


feel like the "be happy" isn't really necessary, but like it nonetheless


Considering the imperfections of a skull and your message I think that the whole design had been drawn, not mirrored. Good concept though!


i REALLY like this. i din't know about the random colours but at the same time they work quite well. 5.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

the colours chosen and the message are supposed to take a skull which would usually be interpreted as doom and gloom, and put it in a different context. I was playing with it before cheer up emo kid came along but felt that it was semi applicable to the theme.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

just so people know i added the be happy because of both the theme and because i felt the chin was a bit sparce without something. I was on the fence about it being added though so it could go either way.


Like the colors.

mezo profile pic Alumni

This submission is approved by the Bobby McFerrin Fan Club.


What a departure! This really works, though

aled profile pic Alumni

Sweet - A tangent from your usual distinctive style but I still really really like it.

abeadle profile pic Alumni

when people get plastic surgery for forehead wrinkles, they are always looking surprised!
I wouldn't be surprised if this got printed.

Ava Adore

nice man!

Daniel San

Rad. I don't like the triangle between the front teeth but. $5.


i like the text in the bottom right... not on the shirt but you should make a different one just saying that :P


Im tired of skulls.. this design & concept are boring.

chronically bizarre

love this design, it actually does make me happy in a morbid way


mikemills profile pic Alumni

Another skull shirt I'd actually wear - $


I really want this to happen.

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