Admit One Space Cadet

Design by bortwein

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bortwein profile pic Artist

Drat, I switched the t-shirt buttons on the Black and the Denim shirts, so the black goes to the denim and vice verse. Oh well. I do like the denim one now looking back at it. 5+$

bortwein profile pic Artist

Ok, maybe an explaination of the shirt concept: At the top of the pole are tickets, "admit One" tickets for a carnival ride... the Space Cadet rocket ship is empty and ready to ride. The Swoosh of color is an action, and the flags are added for fun. The focal point is not intended to fully be the Space Rocket, the top ticket is needed first, then the color leads your eye around to the ride. Anyone, More comments?

bortwein profile pic Artist

Merideth, I so agree now. I have been mulling over this design for about a year or more now, just waiting for the chance to create it from my sketch book. In the end it seems the design was better in concept in my head. So... you'll be happy to know I did a redesign of this shirt and submitted the new one a day ago. It just has the rocket and part of the action swoosh for fun. It looks so much better than this design. Keep an eye out for it soon.


black or gray looks best


wow, i really love your artwork! it'd look great on a khaki color shirt, but i wish the graphic was a wee bit smaller. $5

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